Saturday, 4 May 2013

06 MAY 2013 co+labo team leaves for Hokkaido
the task of the team is to set up the co+labo research project at the Meme Meadows Barn House

co+labo Hokkaido project fieldwork plan 
Research leader:              Darko Radović
Research design:             Darko Radović, Saikawa Takumi, Komatsu Katsuhito+LIXIL, KKAA
Research coordination:  Sasamura Yoshihiro

In 2013, Meme Meadows in Hokkaido will be the site of a major Mn’M +H project. The project includes:
-        post-occupancy evaluation of the Barn House (including measurement, data collection, observation)
-        development of design ideas for introduction of charcoal and completion of the building
-        design suggestions for further improvements of the Barn House itself and the Meme Meadows site

The Barn House research will be conducted in four intensive seasonal data collection and observation sessions,
1       spring session:        6-19 May (to be coordinated with the Harvard team visit to Hokkaido 15-16 May)
team for spring session: Sasamura, Akatsuka, Kato, Horie, Miyatake (week-by-week staffing t.b.c)
2       summer session:     … August (during the Keio summer vacation)
3       autumn session:      … November (coordinated with the Harvard project completion ceremony)
4       winter session:         … January or February (during the Keio winter vacation)
DR will try to participate in at least 3 sessions.

Draft agenda
This agenda sets the basic details for the Barn House fieldwork spring session, and defines minimal work and outcomes. The fieldwork team will also recommend the improvement of the agenda for the forthcoming, summer session.
All observations and data will be multiscale – focusing at interactive scales of Taiki-cho, Meme Meadows, the Barn House paddock and the Barn House itself (spaces for humans, spaces for horses, interactions between them). A special emphasis will be at inside-outside, and spaces for humans - spaces for horses interface.
Detailed composition, agenda, work-plan, individual contributions and lengths of stay for each fieldwork team will be decided in advance. The team will organize and conduct structured video and audio-recordings.

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