Saturday, 11 May 2013

The five members in Hokkaido are now working on the design of the charcoal shelves on the south side of the Barn House.
Below are studies and the best design will be built during the summer.


We have also asked Takahashi construction firm to give an estimate of how much the shelves will cost.
We are currently waiting for their reply.


We are happy to find that the temperature of the compost is rising daily. From this we can tell that the compost is decomposing.
However, we have been disappointed to find that the temperature of the living/dining/kitchen has not been affected by the heat of the compost.


On May 9th, we visited Handa Farm in Taiki-cho. Here we got to touch donkeys, goats, and dogs. We also ate the fresh ice cream and pizza made at the farm.
They were very delicious.


The detail of experiments and facade design update soon !


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