Wednesday, 8 May 2013

On May 6th, co+labo began the first of four intensive seasonal data collection and observation sessions of the Barn House project at Meme Meadows Taiki-cho Hokkaido.


For this spring session, Yoshihiro Sasamura, Ken Akatsuka, Yoshiaki Kato, Kira Horie, and Sotaro Miyatake have come to Hokkaido. We were surprised to see it was still snowing when we arrived at Obihiro Airport.


Here is what we have been doing since arriving in Hokkaido:

May 7th (Tuesday)
We took out the decomposed horse manure from the compost room. It was pretty tough.

Here is the picture of the compost room after we finished taking everything out:  

May 8th (Wednesday)

We brought in new, undecomposed horse manure to the compost room. The heat that is created in the process of decomposition will help keep the Barn House warm.


Here is the picture of the compost room after we finished putting in new horse manure:

We also began taking recording the temperatures of four different locations inside the Barn House. 



Here are the temperature results from May 8th.

We are looking forward to seeing the results after we have finished taking temperature data for an entire year.


We have also begun preparations for adding shelves to place charcoal on the south side of the Barn House. We took photographs and took measurements of the south side.


We are looking forward to interviewing the local people about the Barn House and working to help further improve the Barn House.


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