Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Our co+labo members are visiting Hokkaido again.
From Sep. 8th,  four members, Sasamura, Kozono, Amano, and Ueno, are visiting Memu Meadows in Taiki-cho, to conduct experiment in the acceleration of compost fermentation.

The Kubo family of the Memu Meadows and the horses have warm-heartedly greeted us.
Autumn has arrived in Taikicho, and different plants have grown since our last visit in the spring.

今回の訪問では、我らがBARN HOUSEの隣に、第3LIXIL国際大学建築コンペの受賞者である、Harvard大学のHORIZON HOUSEが着工しています。
HORIZON HOUSE, the winner of the 3rd LIXIL International University Architectural Competition, by the Harvard University has started construction right next to our BARN HOUSE.
The construction has only just started, but we are looking forward to see its completion in the end of October.
We are also looking forward for a passionate discussion on each other’s houses at the completion ceremony.

今回の訪問では、前回同様、1日かけて堆肥の入れ替え作業を行ってから、BARN HOUSE内の堆肥室の堆肥の発酵を促進させるために、堆肥にエアーポンプを挿入して、実験を開始しました。堆肥全般に空気が送られることで、効率の良い、しかも満遍無くの発酵が期待されます。日々、結果を見るのが楽しみです。
On this visit, we have spent the first day on exchanging compost like in our last visit. We have also installed an air pump to accelerate fermentation of the compost, and started taking data. By sending air to the compost, we are expecting higher efficiency and thorough fermentation. We are looking forward to see some good results.

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