Friday, 13 September 2013

From Taiki-cho, some progress report on compost fermentation experiment.
We are testing to see how the compost fermentation is affected when a flow of air is sent through them. The temperature of the manure with the air pump raised 3.37 per day, while the manure without the air pump raised 5.9 per day. It seems that fermentation runs faster without the flow of air
The hypothesis was that air flow agitates compost fermentation, but it seems that excessive air flow dries the compost and cools them.
For the next experiment, we plan to send air flow to the compost after the fermentation decelerates instead of turning them over and stirring them to agitate more fermentation, and test to see how effective air pump is.

Compost with air flow

Compost without air flow

The sky in Memu Meadows changes dramatically with the time of the day. Beautiful.

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